Heated dialogue

In short: 

Is it possible to build a safe and brave space with the help of some objects and a set of rules? Will it help the participants to share their opposing opinions on a particular topic in a dialogical manner when they follow the agreed rules for the dialogue?

The practice is in two steps- one with the interview and another with the collective collaboration making a visual space created by the participants.


First step: interview and interaction

The participants are divided into two groups- interviewing participants and rest, the silent observing participants.

Main rule of the interview is to treat the other as an intelligent and well-meaning being sharing something important and true to them. Time-out hand sign could be used by all the participants when anyone feels interrupted, the interview being too heated or being overwhelmed by too strong emotion to continue. Upon the Time-out sign presented the interview shall be stopped. The chosen topic must not be discussed during the Time-out and the participants could work on whatever issue that the group may have. The topic of the interview is only to be discussed during this phase and the participants won´t continue it during the rest of practice.

Second step: collective working on a visual composition

The objects like string, hoop or candle are used serving a particular purpose. A circle made from the string serves as an embodied visual space where speaking is not allowed but the group is working together in order to make a collective visual composition. Followed by the First step the participants are encouraged to arrange the candles and hoops. The work is done in two rounds, each round minimum 5 minutes but could be extended to 45 minutes depend on the group. During the first round the participants move, place and or remove objects inside the string circle and during the second round they are allowed to light on or blow off the candle.

The practice is finished when the spatial arrangement inside the string circle is mutually finished by the participants and everyone staying outside of the circle sharing their feelings, reflections, and any thoughts on the practice.


Eise Ivo, Fanni, Laura, Timo, Riina

Imaginative, Listening, Making, Polyphony, Space