2D 3D Play

In short

Students developed this idea for an imaginative dialogue with pupils from KNUDEN Cultural School of Kristiansand at Sørlandets Kunstmuseum-SKMU during the intensive week, April 2022.

By Anja, Ariana, Natasha

Kids explore 2D and 3D through play  

Students invited the participants to play with the clear acrylic cubes inside the museum setting. A huge piece of paper was rolled out for them on the floor to step onto and they stacked and/or assembled the cubes and used the flashlight to play with the light and shadow. Variously colored cubes not only let the light pass, casting colored shadows on the paper or on the wall made out of white cartons, but also offered a sensory experience of handling and looking through them.  

The students wanted to build their session by nurturing the kids´ inquisitive search and letting them explore two and three dimensions through play instead of instructing them on perspective. The two-dimensional diagram of the 3D object opened a window to the imagination for different interpretations and at the same time the space of the cube was projected as a flat surface on the paper creating an intriguing illusion of depth. 

This session bypassed the code of conduct within the walls of the museum and the power hierarchy of pupils and teachers by playing with the children and leading them to encounter the terms of art through play and exploring it further with the artworks in the museum.