• Exploring a physical dialogue

    Exploring a physical dialogue  In short:  This practice asks how we can share a space and relate to each other through physical dialogue while maintaining and/or exploring one ́s own agency. The group of master students invited their participants to engage in physical dialogue in a way that offered them the chance to maintain their own…

  • Philosophical Inquiry

    Philosophical Inquiry Purpose: Who with: Variations: Duration: Author: Ingimar Olafsson Waage, Iceland University of the Arts, Reykjavik.

  • Looking at the Dimensions of a Topic

    Looking at the Dimensions of a Topic Purpose: Who with: Variations: This way of embodied reflecting on topics is used by Gudrun Beckmann at the master’s programme in Groningen.

  • Outside

    Outside Before the intensive week in Iceland teachers and master students from the Iceland University of the Arts prepared a day of workshops for the other participants. It resulted in three short and open exercises that enabled people to work in an explorative way and to compare different perspectives. The three exercises are Language, Outside…


    Image and Beyond Exploration In short   This exercise is meant to explore different perspectives towards culturally controversial matters. During the preparation period, the proposition is executed every day for a short period of time. Each participant spends his/her/their time attentively on an image picked by another participant and shares their reactions with other participants in…