• Radical listening

    Radical listening “Thinking Where Words are Still Missing”: Radical Listening as a Tool to Promote Creative Thinking and Interactional Self-Reliance Momo’s talent for listening … what Momo was better at than anyone else was listening. Anyone can listen, you may say — what’s so special about that? — but you’d be wrong. Very few people…


    Image and Beyond Exploration In short   This exercise is meant to explore different perspectives towards culturally controversial matters. During the preparation period, the proposition is executed every day for a short period of time. Each participant spends his/her/their time attentively on an image picked by another participant and shares their reactions with other participants in…

  • Embodied reflection method

    Reflective Documentation Reflective documentation is one of the five intellectual outputs of the PIMDI -project. It has been developed it throughout the project in collaboration with all partners, teachers, and students. Uniarts Helsinki has been responsible for this Intellectual Output 4. Here, we present the four elements that have been created within IO4.