Embodied reflection method

Eeva Anttila/Uniarts Helsinki 

Dancing/discoing to playlist related to months 


This method was created for a reflection session that covered the whole academic year. It took place in May, 2019 in a dance studio. 

We created a playlist that included songs for each month: starting from September (Earth, Wind and Fire) and ending in May (“Yellow May” by Finnish group Aikakone). 

We then played the songs, one by one, and danced freely according to the songs. Between each song the students rested and talked to each other about the particular month (or time of the year) in relation to their studies.  

The music and dance was meant to trigger memories related to past year, in relation to seasons.  

It was fun, relaxing, and created a communal and joyful end of the academic year. It also generated some “serious” observations, related to, for example feelings that students experienced during the year.