Get to know TEAM ICELAND!

We are team Iceland. We don’t know what Icelandic stereotypes are but we probably fit them. Some of us are experienced Pimdi-peeps while others bring a new perspective to the upcoming intensive week, but we are all looking forward to meeting you, our fellow students and collegues. Following is a little bit about each of us – only not all of it is true, it’s yours to decide what to believe. And yes, we definitely met up to take that photo.

Anton is a recovering Coca-cola addict and made several Cola-idols in his Cola-worshipping past. He can draw a horse with his right foot and his favourite font is Comic Sans.

Ariana is an illustrator, an avid collector of Spice Girls memorabilia and has equal amouts of children and cats.

Íris is a product designer and an actress. She has broken a number of Icelandic records in Olympic weightlifting. She met a Great white shark while surfing off the coast of Santa Monica but managed to scare him off by throwing her GoPro in his face.

Jóhanna is currently pursuing her second master’s degree, which she will complete 33 years after her first one. She has never been to Norway. She sails out of Reykjavík harbor to go fishing on her little fishing boat as a hobby.

Olgalilja is a singer and makeup artist that loves the colour pink, she once fired a machine gun and for a while worked on a shrimp trawler.

Vigdís is a singer and musician. She has even sung background vocals for Björk. She loves yoga and meditates daily. She started working in a pre-school/kindergarten when she was first 19 and still works there.







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