Unleashing Polyphonic Voices within Students through ensory Activities in the Art Museum

In short

Development of a teaching method focused on encountering and imaginative dialogue from the Kristiansand Intensive week in 2022. 
Encounters at Sørlandets Kunstmuseum-SKMU with pupils from KNUDEN Cultural School of Kristiansand. 

Pupils made multiple blind drawings of each other´s faces on tracing paper with a marker pen. The drawings are then used as a layer for the pupils to overlap, change, and awaken their imagination in order to create a creature. The participants were asked to find a name for the creature and tell others a story about it. The characters, feelings, and more stories emerged through this storytelling. The facilitators had many questions in order to help the participants come up with the story. For example, what kind of voice does your creature have? The participants were asked to wander around the museum and find a home for the creature. Where does this being feel at home? The children explored the museum on their own to find a spot for their creature. When the participants had found their spot, the facilitator communicated with the participants in a loud voice, breaking the silence of the museum.  


Kristin, Anton….