Differences in the Same and Same in the Difference

In short

Students developed this idea for an imaginative dialogue with pupils from KNUDEN Cultural School of Kristiansand at Sørlandets Kunstmuseum-SKMU during the intensive week, April 2022.

Set up
A space with art supplies, paper, magazines, pencils, paint. Access to an exhibition for inspiration or alternatively it is possible to look at art works in books or online.
A relaxed and laid-back environment where teachers and pupils can work together.

Students and pupils started by exploring the exhibition CONCRETE! that spotlighted Finnish modernism and concrete art in the period 1930-1970 and the works served as inspiration for their own work.
Afterward, they were invited to imagine themselves in different time settings and choose it as a theme; the past, the present, or the future.
Participants were able to choose one medium out of three; collage, drawing or painting and made works based on their selected theme.
First in 2 minutes and then in 20 minutes and finally while blindfolded (they could choose if they wanted a cloth as a blindfold or to keep their eyes closed).
Between the 2 minute drawing and 20 minute drawing pupils are encouraged to look at their work from different distances, very far away and close up.

Various questions were asked during the workshop:

  • Is it relative when we say something is good? 
  • Does the picture change when we look at it from far away and then very close? 
  • Does a 2 minute picture look better than a 20 minutes picture?  

By Kaja, Íris, Maikki, Ester.