Differences in the Same and Same in the Difference

In short

Development of a teaching method focused on encountering and imaginative dialogue from the Kristiansand Intensive week in 2022. 
Encounters at Sørlandets Kunstmuseum-SKMU with pupils from KNUDEN Cultural School of Kristiansand. 

Pupils were invited to imagine themselves in different time settings, from the past, present, and future in a very relaxed and laid-back environment where one of the prospective teachers took the role of a pupil participating in the exercises. Pupils were able to choose one medium out of three, either collage, drawing or painting. Works are executed repeatedly, first in 2 minutes and then in 20 minutes and finally while blindfolded. Various questions were asked during the workshop:

  • Is it relative when we say something is good? 
  • Does the picture change when we look at it from far away and then very close? 
  • Does a 2 minute picture look better than a 20 minutes picture?  


Kaja, Íris…