The final seminar of the PIMDI project, will take place on 31 August 2023 in Groningen, the Netherlands. During the project experiences and experimental practices … Read more
  • PIMDI newsletter November 2022
    The PIMDI-partnership – A pedagogy of imaginative dialogues 2nd PIMDI newsletter The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership ‘A pedagogy of imaginative dialogues’ is a collaboration of four … Read more
  • Tuesday April 26 reflection
    Causing ripples in water….
  • Monday April 25 groupreflection
    Observation on process of the first day: info on many different layers, levels was presented after and through one another: concepts of PIMDI, pedagogy, didactics, … Read more
  • Monday April 25 reflection
    My mind is wandering and wondering a lot, trying to connect with the new surroundings. I am at a happy place & in a happy … Read more