In developing a pedagogy of imaginative dialogues, we have been increasingly guided by the actual experiences of our encounters and dialogues in the here and now: in Finland, Norway and Iceland. And soon in Groningen.

We experienced how the invitation to meet and imagine differences in a so-called third space or dialogue space requires courage and safety.

Although we have developed imaginative dialogues for seniors in Finland and a workshop for children in a museum in Norway, it is primarily the encounters and dialogues between our students and teachers that prove fruitful material for further elaboration.

Body and movement, environment and material, written and drawn stories connect personal experiences with collective – and multi-voiced – encounters.

Currently, Groningen students and teachers are preparing for the final intensive week in Groningen, in April 2023. We aim at developing a framework that gives space and attention to experiencing and playing with difference. What rules of the game are needed to give freedom of speaking, listening and creating? What forms of dialogue, from Socratic to embodied and imagined dialogue, can provide working principles?

In further developing practical, reflective and theoretical examples, next time we will focus on the paradox of transgression and safety.

During the final seminar in Groningen, on August 31, we want to engage in a dialogue with a wide audience about our experiences, examples, tools and scientific articles.
We still have plenty to do.