Traveling through time and space  

In short:

Inspired by Time Loop by Building Conversation this practice invites its participants to an embodied conversation where the participants use their imagination experiencing different pace of living things in the different timelines. Gaia has been brought out as a Mother Earth who has been always there from the beginning of time and beyond our time. The purpose of this practice is to experience an embodied conversation with/through/to Gaia in the different time-lines. (-1M to +1M years from the present) and different senses of time. The participants are encouraged to use various paces, for example fly-, tree-, rock-pace for this purpose.  


A huge spiral field drawn on the floor with the string, the center representing the present/human time, as the spiral grow the time phrases changes, marked with timeline 1000 yrs., 100,000 yrs., 1,000,000 yrs. To the future or 1000 yrs., 10,000 yrs., 100,000 yrs. to the past. Some natural and man-made objects scattered around the spiral representing different times and indicating different pacing.

The key rule is that the travellers feel like they have entered and left a space when they explore the spiral. As travellers entering a certain period of time, the travellers are encouraged to feel like they are entering a ‘field’ of tacit knowledge, which allows them to become embodied during the exercise.


Entering the practice

The facilitators invite the participants to step in on the spiral. The facilitators take the role of Guide and Space-holders. Spiral as a time field is introduced and how the presence of Mother Earth Gaia is present in the Spiral. The Guide starts the practice with a short mindful breathing exercise. The Guide invites the participants to be either Travellers or Observers. Travellers enter and explore the spiral as a time-field and experience different pace/space but the observers watch from the outside of the field.

Middle of the practice

The Guide invites the travellers into the center of the spiral. Guide welcomes them and explains the center of the spiral representing human time. After explaining Travellers are free to explore the spiral (time field) and interact with the objects. The Guide stays in the middle and asks Travellers to find an area in the time field that resonates to them, they don’t have to pick a single space, Travellers are allowed to freely roam the field throughout the exercise. The Travellers are encouraged to feel what the future and past have to say. The Guide and Space-holders ask the travellers questions during the core of the exercise. The goal is to let the travellers try and communicate through embodied experiences and tell the facilitator whom they are representing, humankind or non-human kind. The Guide asks how the traveler feels and if there is anything they feel what Gaia wants to tell them. What does Gaia have to tell the present from the point where you are standing?

When the facilitators feel like the dialogue is nearing to an end the Guide will ask each Traveler to state their name, the date and year welcoming back to the present.


Carry, Sifra, Edda

Imaginative, Space, Movement