What strikes you first

In short  

This is a proposition to see how different we see at first glance. This exercise is to explore our differences and embrace these differences through the practice of drawing. The participants share their impressions with the group and recreate a drawing with the elements that represent different viewpoints.  

Set up  

Picture, paper, various colors 
30 minutes if two persons presenting a picture  


Min. 4 persons   


  • Choose and bring one image to the group 
  • One participant presents his/her image, and the group draws their first impression of the picture. The impression could be a compositional structure of the picture, movement in the picture, atmospheric element, or color. 
  • The group shares their first drawing and what they saw right out of the picture.  
  • Now the group makes another drawing out of the first group of drawings.  

    The number of persons sharing their pictures is dependent on the time frame.  


  • What this session gave us? 
  • Did your impression of the picture change after the exercise? 

Author: Marja Huurdeman