Rythm of the Heart

In short  

PIMDI students presentation from the Helsinki Intensive week in 2021 that describes encounters with elderly people in care homes.



Musician, dancer and visual artist trio invited the participants to listen, respond and move to the rhythm of their bodies. Students wanted to build a loose frame around the session so that the participants could tune into the moment and the rhythm of their hearts.  

A piece of music composed by one of the students was played during the first half of the session, easily drawing out participants´ bodily responses. The participants moved their bodies in relation to their bodily rhythm, for example, the rhythm created by breathing and its regular expanding-contracting movement.  

When a piece of calm and relaxing music was changed to Bolero after Ravel, the movement changed accordingly. Static movement of arms changed and was accompanied by the leg moves. And students encouraged the participants to respond even further to the music by adding their own sounds to the music by clapping their hands, using their voices, as well as the egg shakers.   

People with different moving capabilities could participate freely based on their response to the rhythm and music. In order to prevent any disturbance from filming quick drawings were made as documentation.   


Ariana, Sunniva, Adriaan

Images by Adriana