Moment(s) of Embodied Reflection, in Various Locations


This method was created for PIMDI intensive week in Kristiansand, April 2022. It is based on work with and for dance and theatre pedagogy MA students at the University of the Arts, Helsinki. It is purposefully guided and formatted in a “supra-subjective” mode, that is, without an acting subject as the instructions were given in written format (in practice, also read aloud but not explained further).


Walking, maybe slowing down a bit

Looking for a place to stop and rest

Settling down – sitting, laying down, or maybe finding some unusual position

Feeling the surface, the weight of the body

Breathing, maybe sinking a bit

Releasing, maybe closing the eyes

Sensing and listening to the environment, inner and outer

Staying there for a moment, maybe two minutes, maybe ten

Paying attention also to emerging images and thoughts

Trying to memorize some sensations, images, thoughts

Returning to walking when feeling its time

Documenting the place by photo

Writing, drawing, logging something afterwards


You may repeat this practice again, finding a new spot

Image: Gunndís Ýr Finnbogadóttir


  • To rest and relax, to sense the body and breath.
  • To let impressions, images and thoughts related to the day’s work emerge.
  • To focus on what has taken place, how the experiences are taking form and how meanings are coming to be created.
  • Understanding that learning and meaning-making happen in complex relationships.
  • To support learning, transformation, and well-being.

Who for:

  • Art students at university level
  • May be applied with younger students in any subject


  • This activity may be done in various spaces and locations: outdoors, indoors, at home or school, in public or private spaces
  • Experienced artist-performers or students willing to take risks may go to places like museums or shopping malls
  • With younger students, the activity may be shorter, more structured and guided by the teacher


  • From one to two hours


Eeva Anttila, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland.