Dancing to Playlist Related to Months

This method was created for a reflection session that covered the whole academic year.


  • Find songs that refer to a certain month or season (for example, September by Earth, Wind and Fire) and create a playlist from them.
  • Play the songs, one by one, and encourage students to move and dance freely according to the songs, like in a disco.
  • Between each song, pause and encourage students to talk with each other about the particular month (or time of the year) in relation to their studies.  


  • To trigger and share memories related to the past academic year or semester, relating these to seasons in a fun and relaxing way
  • To generate and share observations related to, for example, feelings that students experienced during the year (for example, November is often quite difficult and many students feel stressed and tired)
  • To create a communal and joyful moment to close the academic year/semester
  • To acknowledge the work and achievements of the academic year/semester
  • To celebrate the arrival of the vacation or upcoming graduation

Who for:

  • Art students at university level
  • May be applied with younger students of any subject


  • The songs may be about some other elements: time of the day, different feelings, phases of life, relationships.


  • About 45–60 minutes

Author: Eeva Anttila, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland.