Drs. Gudrun Beckmann, teacher of art pedagogics and supervisor of master research at the Master of Education in Arts NHL Stenden University/Hanze University Groningen. Background: Doctoral in Cultural pedagogics (University of Hildesheim, Germany) and teacher of drama.
Expertise: drama education, dramaturgy, concepts in art education.
Beckmann is the PIMDI project leader.

Dr. Martijn Boven, teacher of art philosophy and the philosophy of education, teacher of academic writing and supervisor of master research.
Background: Doctoral in Literary Theory and History of Philosophy. Phd at the Institute for Research in Cultural Studies Groningen on the dissertation “Metaphor and Metamorphosis: Paul Ricoeur and Gilles Deleuze on the Emergence of Novelty.”
Expertise: history of philosophy, phenomenology, post-structuralism, literary studies, academic writing, art criticism.

Nathalie Beekman is PhD from the Hanze University of Applied Science, supervisor of the community of learners, teacher of artistic processes and supervisor of artistic research.
Background: artistic leader of the Pavlov medialab, dissertation on an art and philosophy lab for children, active for the centre of expertise Art in Context.
Expertise: film, situational art in public spaces, action research, artistic research and interdisciplinary projects especially in the field of art and philosophy for children as well as art and science.

Dr. Helene Illeris is PhD and Professor of Art Education at the University of Agder. Her research interests comprise contemporary art in education, aesthetic learning processes and sustainability art education. Helene teaches and supervises interdisciplinary MA- and PhD courses in fine arts and arts education.Together with Professor Tony Valberg, she leads the research group Arts and Social relations. She has published more than 50 books, chapters, and articles in English, Danish, Swedish, and Italian. Her latest publications in English are chapters in the anthologies Pedagogy of the Anthropocene (Paulsen et al., 2022) and Expanding Environmental Awareness in Education Through the Arts (Fredriksen & Groth, 2022).

Lisbet Skregelid is a PHD and professor of Art Education at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Visual Arts and Drama at the University of Agder, Norway. Here she leads the research group Art and Young People. She is engaged in questions regarding why art matters in society in general and in education in particular. Her research interests are within the expanded field of art education, and she has many years of praxis experience in this context. In her PhD thesis she investigated secondary school pupils´ encounters with contemporary art exhibitions over a period of three years in partnership with art museum and schools. In recent years she has had extensive collaborations with artists in both teaching and research. Skregelid has written books, book chapters, and articles where she makes calls for arts-based approaches to education and what she calls pedagogy of dissensus. In her latest research Skregelid´s own art practice is the point of departure for discussing art educational issues.

Tormod Wallem Anundsen

Dr. Eeva Anttila works as a professor of dance pedagogy at Theatre Academy of University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland, and leads the MA program for dance pedagogy. She completed her Doctor of Arts degree in dance at the Theatre Academy, Finland in 2003. Her research interests include dialogical and critical dance pedagogy, embodied learning, embodied knowledge and practice-based/artistic research methods. During 2009-13 she lead a development and research project in collaboration titled “The entire school dances!” Anttila is actively involved in national and international dance and arts education organizations and journals.

Liisa Jaakonaho is a Lecturer of Dance Pedagogy and a Doctoral Researcher at Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. In her ongoing doctoral research she investigates ethical questions in and around her encounters with differently abled people (people with intellectual and developmental disabilities), stemming from her work as a dance pedagogue in a social care context. Previously she has worked in different roles across the fields of performing arts, mental health, education, and social care.

Riikka Theresa Innanen

Taneli Tuovinen

Ingimar Ólafsson Waage is a visual artist, assistant professor and program director at the Iceland University of the Arts. He has been teaching the visual arts and philosophical dialogues in an upper elementary school since 1995. He studied painting in Iceland College of Arts and Crafts and at École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, France. He holds an M.Ed. degree in philosophy and sociology of education from University of Iceland. His research interests include democracy in education, philosophical inquiry, critical thinking skills, Aristotelian character education and the visual arts. Currently he is working on a Ph.D. thesis on the moral value of visual arts education, approaching the subject from an Aristotelian virtue ethics perspective; emphasizing on the contribution of the visual arts to the cultivation of virtue literacy and the development of moral emotions for the flourishing individual.

Hye Joung Park, Adjunct lecturer at the Iceland University of the Arts.

Gunndís Ýr Finnbogadóttir is a visual artist and an assistant professor at the Iceland Academy of Arts and a program director for visual arts education. She has exhibited widely in Iceland and Europe. Artistic research and processes, dialogue, collaboration, and communication are among the topics she works with both in art and art education. Currently, she is working on a Ph.D. project where she investigates environmental immersion and movement in thinking in an artistic research project aimed at developing environmental pedagogies.

Members of the Sounding Board: 

  • Andreja Jelicic, Lecturer, Dance Department Leader at Academy of Dramatic Art Zagreb, Croatia; andrejajelicic@hotmail.com – dance; 
  • Dr. Vesna Geršak, University Lecturer at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education; vesna.gersak@pef.uni-lj.si – dance; 
  • Dr. Gabriella Pataky, University of Budapest in Hungary. Head of Master’s in arts education – visual arts; 
  • Dr. Edita Musneckienė, University of Siauliai, Lithuania. Researcher of art education – visual arts; 
  • Dr. Kátia Sá and Dr. Teresa Pereira: Teacher education program at the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, Portugal – visual arts. 

The associated partners are involved in: 

  • the feedback on the planning and implementation of the project; 
  • annual meetings of the Sounding Board to reflect on the progress and the results of the project; 
  • a concluding Research Seminar that is invested in evaluating the achievements and impact of the project and in developing ideas for further cooperation.